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Planning your next great party

June 2022 | Season 1 | Episode 3

In this episode of the Boozy Banter podcast, hosts Brian Moura and David Everson chat about party planning and offer suggestions for hosting a great one, especially this graduation and wedding season. They share their first-hand experiences in organizing their own parties and helping customers at the stores make decisions for their big events. The two get into the nitty-gritty of things such as the different factors that need to be considered when choosing drinks for a party. This episode is a great listen for anyone who wants to learn how to make their next party one to remember!


Key Take-Aways

  • Knowing your budget is key when planning a party.
  • Getting the drinks that you want is as important as taking into consideration the tastes of your guests.
  • You don't have to break the bank to have a great party. There are many ways to get creative with your drinks without spending a lot of money.


In this episode:

  • [1:07] Hosts Brian and David open the discussion by sharing how they often get lots of questions from customers coming into the store about what to buy for their parties. They talk about the different factors that people need to take into consideration when making their choices, and whether kegs are a good idea or not.
  • [4:47] The two go into the differences between graduation and wedding parties when it comes to the typical drinking habits of the guests. Brian shares about his encounter with a customer who was purchasing drinks for a graduation party and how getting what the host wanted was just as important as considering the tastes of the guests.
  • [11:06] Brian shares about the party planning guide that can be found and downloaded from Lucky’s Wine & More website which he researched and curated himself. They briefly discuss the contents of the guide such as the simplified steps of planning a party and the timeline that should be followed.
  • [16:17] The hosts turn to the topic of planning for backyard or outdoor gatherings which can be a little trickier than indoor parties. Brian talks about his own birthday party and how he considered what his neighbors might want when choosing his drinks.
  • [23:11] Brian and David transition into the What's In Your Glass segment. David shares about how he had recently rediscovered caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail which is perfect for the summer season.





[00:00:25] Brian Moura: Welcome to the Boozy Banter Podcast with Lucky's Wine & More, where we talk about what is happening within the liquor industry.

[00:00:32] I'm Brian Moura, your host here with my co-host David Everson. Hello everybody on today's episode, we'll talk about party planning and suggestions on what you need to host a great party. Let's dive right in. All right. So it is graduation season and wedding season and backyard barbecue gatherings.

[00:00:56] David Everson: Just a good time all around to get together with some people and [00:01:00] have a few cold something or others, you know, whatever you'd like to enjoy.

[00:01:03] Brian Moura: Lots of cold beverages.

[00:01:04] So we get a lot of questions about graduation and weddings, backyard gatherings, having a lot of people or little people, what do they need for their parties?

[00:01:16] David Everson: Yeah. I mean, I think the biggest question you get, because everything going off on price right now, you wanna make sure that you're trying to get your quantities of what you're buying, correct.

[00:01:25] For the amount of people that you're gonna get. Which is a super hard test to do. Yeah. So we were hoping to kind of fill you guys in. How we approach that sort of situation and maybe give you a few ideas. So you're a little more knowledgeable next time you need to host some sort of party.
[00:01:37] Brian Moura: Absolutely.

[00:01:38] So we've had that a few different graduations. People come in and say that they need, they have 70 to 200 people for their graduation. What do they need? What kind of kegs do we have, ice, et cetera.

[00:01:51] So we walk through, if you come in, stop into one of our stores, and we'll walk you through to give you an idea of what you need.

[00:01:57] David Everson: I think that's also an interesting thing now. I [00:02:00] get asked a lot too. Because a lot of these people, kegs were super, super cheap when they were in college and they would get kegs and it was a fun thing to do. Is it still a money-saving thing to get a kick? I think the short answer is no.

[00:02:12] Brian Moura: Depends on what, what kind of you're getting.

[00:02:13] David Everson: Yeah. I mean, I think that they can be fun if you know that you're gonna be able to finish most of it. But the problem I see with it is if you don't finish that whole keg, you throw it away. I mean, it's, it's wasted money. Whereas cans or bottles and stuff, you can hold onto that. It has a shelf life.

[00:02:27] You can continue to set it aside for the next party, or if it's a thing that you like to drink, you know, you can drink it yourself. Whereas keg, unless you got some way to store it long-term, it's kind of one of those tough things.

[00:02:38] Brian Moura: And it limits your variety.

[00:02:40] David Everson: Absolutely.

[00:02:41] Brian Moura: A graduation party that I was at two weekends ago, they had probably five, six different beers, some seltzers, waters, kind of a big variety. And if they went with a keg, this particular party spent about $500 on beverages and they had a great variety, [00:03:00] had about 200 people there.

[00:03:01] And if you went with a keg, you probably would've spent $300 on two kegs and had two selections. So it's up to the, it's up to you personally. That are, that is host in the party.

[00:03:13] David Everson: Yeah. I helped put together an order last Friday and they gave the amount of people, which I think will dive into kind of like how you would get that together.

[00:03:22] They went with, what did they have? I think they had three different beers and two different seltzers and then some wine. And they ended up at the all said and done four 24 packs of Coors light and four 24 packs of MC golden light and everything else was gone.

[00:03:38] So that to me is like, we nailed it. Cause I mean, if you can walk away with just that little amount, I mean, that is not that bad at all.

[00:03:44] You know, it's good to have extra, to make sure that everybody gets what they want. I mean, you don't wanna run out of beer. That would not be good. It's a hard balance to have. How many varieties do you have? You wanna make sure that you get stuff that you'll drink afterward in case. But I think one of the key points from that interaction [00:04:00] was they were trying to decide what types of beer to get.

[00:04:02] And they know that their family drinks, Coors light MC golden light. So that was an easy choice. And then I suggested, I said, Hey, if we think about it, Bush light is the number one beer in Wisconsin. You should probably have some Bush light. They ended up going away with eight 30 packs of Bush light and it was all gone.

[00:04:17] So, I mean, it's just like, even though you don't necessarily like it, that doesn't mean that your party-goers won't like it. So it's good to have variety, but it's also good to remember, that you are not the only person drinking. I think that's kind of a key thing. You know, they didn't want wine either and we gave three boxes of wine and they were, they would drive.

[00:04:33] Brian Moura: Yeah. And it all depends on whether what the event is. Graduation parties in Minnesota, Wisconsin tend to be alcohol is supplied at most graduations in this area, outside of the Midwest, it's probably not so much. But at graduation parties, people don't come there to drink. Weddings, on the other hand, people go there and that's to drink.

[00:04:54] David Everson: Yeah. And that's kind of one of those things where it's like, yeah, it lasts four hours for the grad party. [00:05:00] Most people aren't there for four hours.

[00:05:01] Brian Moura: No they're there for 30 minutes, an hour.

[00:05:03] David Everson: If it's family, they may be there a little bit longer. So it's. How do you prepare for that?

[00:05:08] Do you go off of the one beer or one drink an hour roll or do you have two for people just to, you know, for those who are gonna stay longer, you gotta come drink. It's very complicated.

[00:05:20] Brian Moura: I always say that if you have a hundred people, half of them will drink. And of the half, they'll have anywhere from two to three drinks.

[00:05:28] And if say, if you have four different products, you may only need a case of each, right?

[00:05:34] David Everson: Yeah. Yeah. I think what we ended up for them and it also varies family to family or friends to friends typically drink more, don't drink more. We ended up with four beers per drinking, who they assumed would be drinking, and four malt beverages per that including the seltzers as well.

[00:05:51] And I would say that that was a pretty good recommendation for them specifically, but I also went off them letting me know how many people or how many people that [00:06:00] they thought were gonna drink. I didn't assume, like, Hey, we think we're gonna have 250 people here. I said, well, how many do you think are?

[00:06:04] They said 200. I said, all right, perfect. So we ended up with just over 800 beers and I would say that was a pretty decent amount. We could have cut back a little bit, but you also don't know.

[00:06:12] Brian Moura: I had a graduation party. Customers come in and they say they have 70 people come in. They're gonna be doing riper floats and a lot of under like 18-year-olds cuz of the friends, a lot of adults, but most of 'em are gonna be a split. So of those, I said, well, you maybe have half of the people drinking. And I said, maybe buy what you like too, because if you have leftovers,

[00:06:37] David Everson: then you know, you're gonna drink it.

[00:06:38] Brian Moura: You're gonna drink it.

[00:06:39] David Everson: You've already spent the money on it. You would've spent it later.

[00:06:41] Brian Moura: Yes.

[00:06:41] David Everson: You know, it makes sense. And I think that is a key thing. I think that we're both hitting on, but haven't quite talked about, that is, work with your store, talk to them about it. Don't just go in there thinking that you got everything set up, it's gonna be perfect.

[00:06:55] Have a conversation with them. They do this for a living, you know, Brian, you've been doing this for a very long time. You have a [00:07:00] really good idea of kind of how to plan these. You've done parties before. So you have an idea. And it's one of those things where it's like, if you wanna do kegs, that's perfect. Let us know. We can order those kegs in for you, we can tell you which ones we sell the most of,

[00:07:11] Brian Moura: and we can recommend sizes.

[00:07:13] David Everson: Yeah. Cause we have all that. Each store has a little booklet that has all the keg information that gives your average 12-ounce serving size and like how much you're gonna get out of each.

[00:07:22] Which you can find all this information too, on our website, on the party planning guide. I'm just gonna give that a shout-out right now. I'm sure we'll revisit it, but it does have a little list there with the size of the keg, the weight of the keg, and how many 12-ounce beers you're gonna get.

[00:07:36] Brian Moura: And if you look at our bottom, you'll see the most popular kegs in seasonal kegs.

[00:07:41] So there are ideas on there. I know on the top of the most popular kegs is New Glarus' spotted cow, which is not available in Minnesota. So if you're listening in Minnesota, you do have to come into Wisconsin to get New Glarus.

[00:07:53] David Everson: Yeah. But your other typical ones are gonna be your kind of domestic be for Coors light, your Miller light, and the golden [00:08:00] light.

[00:08:00] You know, stuff along those lines that isn't to say that we don't have some other specialty ones that we can order in, but that's gonna be kind of your crowd, pleaser beers. You know, the ones that, especially in the hot summer grad parties, when there may not be a lot of shade, you don't wanna drink a stout or something.

[00:08:14] So. Yeah. I mean, have a conversation with your local liquor store. I mean, they do this all the time. They have really good input, but also, kind of work with them when they ask you questions, make sure you give 'em honest opinions on things and it's whatever, I mean, we're trying to help you and have, have a successful party.

[00:08:30] Brian Moura: Yep.

[00:08:31] And if you talk to us and if you do overbuy, as long as the package is non-opened, we most likely will return it, but that is under each store manager's discretion. You just have to talk to us and ask us.

[00:08:46] David Everson: Yeah.

[00:08:47] Brian Moura: It's a possibility.

[00:08:47] David Everson: Just had that wedding not too long ago, where they came to me with a full-on list of what they wanted, exact amounts of things, the exact products that they wanted, which was fantastic.

[00:08:56] It was super cool to be able to work with them on that. And one of the questions that [00:09:00] they asked me was if we have leftovers, can we return it? And I laid out the groundwork for 'em and I looked at their list and they told me how many people they were coming. And I ended up, because of the time of year, they had ordered quite a bit of red wine.

[00:09:11] I said we could probably cut back on some of this, and this is kind of that conversation to have. Yeah. You know, like getting into that warmer season, you're gonna serve a lot more beer. They had some mixed strengths too. I said you're gonna serve a lot of those. Cause they're cold and refreshing.
[00:09:25] I said there's not gonna be a lot of red wine out. They wanted to stick with the numbers that they had cuz they had done the research and that was fine. But the vast majority of what was returned was the red wine. Not saying I'm right in every aspect or have it perfectly down to a science.

[00:09:37] I don't.

[00:09:38] I don't know each family, but it is just kind of generally. I mean, we see these trends in the store, you know, absolutely October, November, December, huge wine month. Your June, July, and August are your major beer months.

[00:09:49] Brian Moura: Well, you also sell more white wine in the summer.

[00:09:52] David Everson: Yes.

[00:09:52] Brian Moura: You know, patio pounder and stuff like that.

[00:09:54] Red wine. It still sells, but it just doesn't sell as well because a lot of people, when they're [00:10:00] drinking red wine, it's like they wanna drink it next to the fire or with dinner.

[00:10:04] David Everson: Well, and it may be, like in the winter, maybe you start drinking red wine, right when you get home. But like in the summertime, its still warm sun doesn't set till nine.

[00:10:12] You wanna have a glass of cold, white chill wine porch to kind of come down from your day. You know, you're not reaching right for that bottle of red.

[00:10:18] Brian Moura: It's like me with ice coffee. Ice coffee in the summer hot coffee in the colder months. But yeah, if you go to our website, we have a party planning guide that you can download. It kind of walks through the different steps on how to plan a great party. I did a lot of research when I designed this guide and with my experience, I just wanted to make it as easy as possible.

[00:10:43] And I've planned a lot of parties and just thinking about what is going into this party plan and the steps are very simple and it will kind of give you, I think I believe there is even dates on there, like how far out and stuff [00:11:00] like that if I'm not mistaken.

[00:11:01] But things like that. Wedding season, summer, fall, even winter weddings, we specialize in all that stuff. Champagne. Wine. So whatever your party needs.

[00:11:13] David Everson: Each store has a nice inventory, but if there's something specific that you want, we are more than willing to work with you to get that in there for your party if you have a very set idea.

[00:11:21] But I did, looking at this little guide here, the one thing I do wanna point out is to find your budget. I never really thought about that when it comes to planning your party, but it is a huge aspect of it.

[00:11:30] And I think what's really interesting about that is, again, if you talk with us and you have an idea and say, Hey, I want red wine. Okay. What's your most expensive bottle of red? I mean, it's over a hundred dollars a bottle.

[00:11:41] Brian Moura: Oh yeah. 299.

[00:11:42] David Everson: Yeah. There's a difference between that and say, another one, like a pocket on sale, which is 7.97 a bottle. Not a bad bottle of wine, probably one of our better sellers, you know? So it's like we can work with you on that budget to find you the proper things that fit the checkboxes in not only the budget but also what you're looking for in [00:12:00] terms of product.

[00:12:00] Brian Moura: Yeah. And that's a question that we ask, even if you're not pointing to a party. If you're looking for a bottle of wine, one of the first, first things I ask is your price range, what are you looking to spend?

[00:12:11] Because obviously, we have wine in every price range that we know are good. Or that we recommend. We can recommend a $50 bottle. We can recommend a $5 bottle.

[00:12:22] David Everson: Which is the beauty of what we get the opportunity to taste this stuff, to know kind of what you're looking for. I may not have perfect notes for you, like looking for this specifically, I can get, we can, anybody can get you pretty close to what you're looking for.

[00:12:35] And you know, like that price range thing helps because it puts us in a different mindset, you know? I'm looking for a $15 bottle of wine. I have recommendations at that level. I'm looking for 50, well, I've got recommendations there. So I think that is an important thing to kind of keep in mind is that whatever the budget may be, we can, work with that to make sure that you get what you're looking for.

[00:12:56] Brian Moura: Cost and also food pairings, [00:13:00] if you're wedding, you're serving steak or you're serving seafood or you're serving pasta, we can, we have lists, if our employees don't drink wine, we have lists of recommendations of certain varietals that you can buy that will help you.

[00:13:16] Sometimes, we do in-store casings. So if there's a tasting available, I highly recommend stopping in and trying stuff. And that way it helps you get about wine.

[00:13:32] Pete Waggoner: Get 20% off, six or more, 750 milliliter bottles of wine. This is valid at our Hudson, Wisconsin, and Lakewood, Minnesota locations. You can head to our website, Lucky's wine and for more details to easily. This monthly deal. Next time you stop in.

[00:13:56] David Everson: The other thing, and I've actually done it a couple of times,[00:14:00] our sales rep will let us know like, hey, there's this really good wine, it's in a few restaurants downtown. Oh, perfect. Like, I've had people say, oh, what's a really good bottle and maybe a little expensive to buy the whole bottle, but it is kind of fun to set 'em down to a restaurant and be like, Hey, if you're ever down here, they have this wine, try it by the glass.

[00:14:16] See if you like it. If you enjoy it. You can pair it with different things. Like if you're looking for a wine pairing, head down there, another good resource, restaurants are really good at that. Yeah. That's their whole thing is to pair wine with food.

[00:14:26] Brian Moura: And one thing that I've tried to do in our stores is if a restaurant is serving that wine, we try to bring that wine in.

[00:14:34] David Everson: Yeah. We'll make it available.

[00:14:35] Brian Moura: Yeah. Or if you try a wine or see a wine that's highly recommended, stop by and ask us to bring it in.

[00:14:42] David Everson: Oh, I do that with my mother all the time. She's like, oh, we went to this restaurant, I had this wine. Can you get it?

[00:14:47] And I'm like, I mean, I can definitely try. Yes. My girlfriend did the same thing. We were out at a restaurant. She was like, oh, this wine, it was ghost pines, red blend. I tried it. And I was like, this wine is really good. Yes. Went back, [00:15:00] ended up finding it with one of our sales reps, ordered it, cuz it was really good, but then we've also had it before.

[00:15:05] So now I'm able to give honest notes about it like I've had this, I really like it. It is really good. Something that I personally brought in because I had the record. Yeah.

[00:15:13] Brian Moura: So the other big party is like a backyard gathering or outdoor, which I think is a very different thought process going into how you're gonna structure your beverage.

[00:15:25] I think for this type of party, you're gonna have such an array of people and you're gonna be outside. So there are a lot of moving parts for that. If you want glass or cans, how much ice you need, things like that.

[00:15:37] David Everson: Well, and I come into play, I think like grad party, you're thinking quantity over quality sometimes.

[00:15:44] Not that like trying to just get a bad product, but you're looking because it's gonna be I mean, you can get up there in price. You're looking for a lot of times, your best doesn't mean it's a bad product, you know, but it might be shopping the sales in-store, you know which again, yeah, not usually bad product ever really.

[00:15:59] I mean, they're [00:16:00] on sale because we liked it a lot. We did a big deal on it. Now we're trying to give it out to the public because we wanna share it with you.

[00:16:07] Brian Moura: Yeah. And just a touch point on that. A lot of our sales are because that's what's trending right now in our market. For example, not to get off topic too much, but like Giesen sauv blanc.

[00:16:20] We were running a hot deal on it. Well, it caught on people like it. So we want to continue to offer that, that hot price.

[00:16:27] David Everson: And that's, that's the beauty of what we do. You know, we find those, we find those little hidden gems. Where we get really good pricing and we wanna share that with everybody.

[00:16:34] Our sales are usually about distribution, trying to get the name out there. Maybe a brand you've never heard of. It may be something that we are really passionate about and we wanna share with you. So we're gonna essentially put a spotlight on it.

[00:16:45] Like, Hey, look at this, try it. See what you think.

[00:16:48] Where are we going with this?

[00:16:49] Brian Moura: Backyard gatherings.

[00:16:50] David Everson: Yeah, backyard gatherings. I think sometimes you're looking more, a little bit of like a quality aspect. You could add in a couple of cocktail drinks if you wanted, or maybe a specialty cocktail tonight that you're [00:17:00] excited about.

[00:17:00] Brian Moura: And this group, maybe a little smaller, more intimate too. Last September, was a perfect night. I had my birthday outside and had some neighbors over. I knew what my neighbors drink.

[00:17:11] David Everson: So you bought for them.

[00:17:12] Brian Moura: I bought for them. Yeah. And everybody loved it. And I also kind of bought for the food that we were serving.

[00:17:18] So it was kind of a, what do my neighbors drink and what kind of food we're serving. So all in all it worked out and my neighbors loved it and they're like, we should do this more often. Not just for birthdays.

[00:17:31] David Everson: Yeah. I mean, I do think that it can be, you don't have to go overboard with it. I think having something available is that's what the host does.

[00:17:38] I think that's part of the whole backyard gathering sort of thing.

[00:17:42] But I do think it can be kind of fun to introduce some other stuff. You're not just going with domestic and maybe some box wine for those wine drinkers, and some seltzers. You may have that stuff, but it may be more tailored towards who's coming to your gathering.

[00:17:54] Brian Moura: And one thing that I've heard, and this was several years ago, probably like 15 years. [00:18:00] Is that by what you like, because the people that come to your event or your backyard gathering, they're all about the free stuff. Like they're gonna be okay drinking what you like. And if they don't like it, then they're gonna drink something else.

[00:18:13] So, I feel that buy what you like, especially if it's a smaller gathering, and that way you have that if they don't want it.

[00:18:21] David Everson: Yeah. And I think, I had mentioned earlier about, at that specific grad party that we were doing, the two of them specifically did not like Bush light, but I was like, this is a big grad party.

[00:18:30] I said the chances of having a couple of Bush light drinkers and I mean, quite a few cause they're, I said gonna be pretty high. Even though you don't like it, I said, I think you should still have some just because we know the trends of kind of where things are going.

[00:18:43] Knowing that it is currently the number one selling beer in Wisconsin, the trends will kind of push it towards doing that.

[00:18:51] Brian Moura: The funny thing is the grad party that I went to and helped get their selection. They're big bush light old mill [00:19:00] light drinkers. Big family. And she goes, I need some trulys for my sister-in-laws. And so I got a few 12 packs of trulys and I was looking at all the people at this party. And I would say probably one on every five had a truly in their hand. So I'm like, are you sure you don't need me to go get some more truly?

[00:19:20] David Everson: And we did a chamber event not too long ago where we were passing out beverages and to my surprise, and I think to your just surprise, the two biggest things that we were handing out in Wisconsin was seltzers and spotted cup. Which was hilarious because most of what we see is people from other states coming to get New Glarus.

[00:19:39] It's not typically people in Wisconsin drinking it.

[00:19:42] Brian Moura: I mean, to the point of, oh, I'm having some out-of-towners or I'm bringing it to my in-laws or my family in...

[00:19:47] David Everson: Another store regulars who like the moon man, spotted cow, how early is for them. But they'll like moon man, because a good beer and they a regular basis.

[00:19:54] But yeah, typically, your glare spot cow drinkers are coming in from outta state or it's being bought by [00:20:00] somebody in the state to bring to somebody else. So I thought that was kind of interesting that, we had Mac ultra, which is another big seller. And we had some wine, which we did pretty good with that night, but I don't think we should underestimate the seltzers.

[00:20:11] I mean, we sell a lot of them. We sell a lot of them and I think having at least a few varieties of them at your gathering, especially for a grad party or even a wedding, because they're lighter. So they're nice to drink in the summertime and you can have a few of them and they're extremely popular.

[00:20:26] So not to be overlooked.

[00:20:27] Brian Moura: Awesome. Well if you have any other questions about parties or if you want to download our party plan guide, feel free to stop at our website,, and click on the link, or give us a call, or do both or stop in.

[00:20:43] David Everson: We love new customers, especially, and even regular customers, having that meeting in person, creating that connection is always something that I really like.

[00:20:51] Otherwise, give us a call. We can always start an email chain or whatever it may be to kind of kick this off. We wanna work with you. We wanna make [00:21:00] sure that you have a successful party. That you are proud of hosting. And we would love to be a portion of that and make sure that things go off without a hitch and everybody, doesn't leave thirsty.

[00:21:10] Brian Moura: And remember drink responsibly.

[00:21:12] David Everson: Absolutely. Yes. I mean, number one thing.

[00:21:15] Brian Moura: All right. What's in your glass, David. Ooh.

[00:21:18] David Everson: Oh yeah. Okay. I've been excited. I've been thinking about this one. So recently my girlfriend and I, we were out to dinner for our anniversary and we ended up at this restaurant, in Minneapolis called petite Leon.

[00:21:28] And she ended up getting a strawberry Caipirinha, which instantly she looked at the menu and she was like, I don't know how to pronounce that. And I looked at it, I was like, I know exactly what that is. I said it's a Kip she's like, how do you know that? Flashback many, many years, my dad found this drink at another bar and he had to make it.

[00:21:45] So they ended up going out and getting all the stuff and they made him, it was like a summer of a typewriter at my family's. I was way too young to drink. I never had one before. Yeah. So now all of a sudden this like sparked this memory inside of me, it was just like, oh my goodness. So [00:22:00] recently, she had it there, and then we still had a bottle.

[00:22:02] I'm gonna butcher this Cachaça. Yeah. Cachaça is a Brazilian rum. It's a, I dunno if you classified as rum.

[00:22:10] Brian Moura: It's similar to rum, but it's cane sugar technically. I mean, rum is made from sugar. In Brazil, they use sugar cane, like from the stock and they make the concession.

[00:22:19] But yeah, it's, it's basically just like rum.

[00:22:22] David Everson: It's really good. I mean, it really does have a nice flavor to it. So my dad still had a bottle of a sitting way in the back of the bar shelf. Right. And he. Reach back in there made her one. And it was, you know, we just did one with that one.

[00:22:35] And it was absolutely spectacular. So ended up ordering it for the store. You can come on down to, you know, Lucky's Wine & More number two off exit four. We have a nice stock of it now, cuz I got really passionate about it. And I've been asked for it a few times. It was one of those things. But now we have a bottle at home and we've been drinking them.

[00:22:49] It's perfect. Summertime drink. Cause it's citrusy. It's a little bit sweet, but it's nice and light Soran made with Cachaça and I think the super simple [00:23:00] Cachaça sugar, we use brown sugar. I think we've also used sugar in the raw mm-hmm and then limes, you just muddle limes and the sugar together. And then you add your Cachaça and then shake and strain, and then had a little lime witch for garnish with some ice.

[00:23:14] Yes. And it is fantastic. Anyways, that was a really long what's your glass, but yeah, that was fantastic.

[00:23:19] Brian Moura: I do have to talk about this Anthony Bourdain. He's no longer with us. He did a feature on Brazil and one of their like hit, he talked about it extensively in his feature about the caipirinha. And I'm like, I gotta try this drink. I've honestly never had one. And I've been in Brazil like five times.

[00:23:39] David Everson: But Cachaça, I believe is the national drink of Brazil. If you wanna try one, San Pedro's in downtown Hudson makes a fantastic hyper in case you're wondering they have a whole list. I think there's one on their menu and it is really good.

[00:23:52] So yeah.

[00:23:53] Brian Moura: Well what's in my glass. Several years ago, I was at San Pedro's. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Hudson. And they have a [00:24:00] drink called teen chill. So basically it's new age, white, over ice. With a squeeze of lime. That's it. Perfect. Summer patio pound.

[00:24:09] David Everson: Cause that new age is a sweeter one.

[00:24:10] Brian Moura: Sweeter white. Yep. But it's not too sweet.

[00:24:12] David Everson: No, it's just like a semi-sweet.

[00:24:14] Brian Moura: Yep. It has a little bit of effervescence in there. So you get a little bubble. But it's a perfect summer drink.

[00:24:19] David Everson: I could see that over ice with a little bit of citrus in there. That would be very refreshing.

[00:24:23] Brian Moura: Yep. All right. Well, thanks, guys. And thanks for listening to this week's episode of Boozy Banter Podcast with Lucky's Wine & More. We hope you enjoy it. Please be sure to subscribe so we can join you again. And if you appreciate the show, jump over to Spotify and give us a rating. For more info and notes from this week's show, check us out at Thanks for listening. Cheers.

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[00:25:02] Until next month. Stay in good spirits.