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Trying & Picking out the Perfect Bourbon Barrel from Kentucky's Finest

May 2022 | Season 1 | Episode 2

In this episode of the Boozy Banter podcast, Hosts Brian Moura and David Everson take the listeners on a trip to Kentucky. The team recollects their tour at the state's finest bourbon distilleries, and give their own insights on the whole barrel selecting experience. They also talk about their own picks of the best bourbons out of the ones they've tried and when their chosen barrels are hitting Lucky's stores this year. This episode is a chill and fun listen for anyone who enjoys bourbon, or is thinking about taking their own trip to Kentucky in search of the perfect whiskey!


Key Take-Aways

  • The selection process of a bourbon barrel can be a fun and relaxing experience for anyone who wants to wind down and enjoy some of the country's finest whiskeys.
  • Whiskey, or any type of liquor should be relished any way you want to.

In this episode:

  • [0:55] Brian opens the conversation by giving a brief introduction of their trip to Kentucky starting with their first stop at the Maker's Mark Distillery. Jake and David share about the awesome experience of watching the intricate process that goes into making each and every bottle of Maker's Mark.
  • [6:13] The team moves on to the next distillery, Heaven Hill which is the home to Elijah Craig, another whiskey brand known for its small batch bourbons. They talk about the whole walking tour experience and the long queues at the distillery during Thursdays, wherein people can try some of the limited release.
  • [10:26] From Heaven Hill, the three end their trip at the New Riff Distillery which is located at Newport, Kentucky. Jake and David talk about how they like to enjoy their whiskeys and how cheat sheets of flavor profiles can affect the whole trying and tasting experience.
  • [15:54] Brian asks the Boozy Banter guys about their favorite part of the trip. David shares how enjoying the sights and each other's company made the trip more memorable and fun for the team.
  • [29:47] The team transitions to the podcast's What's In Your Glass segment by sharing about the last liquor they've tried and giving the listeners some candid reviews.





[00:00:00] Pete: Welcome to the boozy banter podcast brought to you by Lucky's Wine and More. The place for all your beverages for entertaining and stocking up. Raise your glasses and give a toast for your. Brian Moura.

[00:00:25] Brian: Welcome to the boozy band chair with Bucky's wine and more podcasts where we talk about what's happening within the liquor industry.

[00:00:32] I'm your host, Brian here with my co-host David. On today's episode, we have a special guest with us, Jake from Lucky's number two. Hi Jake. We will be talking about our last trip to Kentucky, where we selected three different barrels. Let's dive in.

[00:00:53] All right, guys, for those who don't know, we went to Kentucky, picked out three barrels of bourbon. [00:01:00] Three of us went plus a few others. So let's start with David.

[00:01:03] David: Sure. Yeah. I mean, I'll kick it off. You know, I've done a few of these. We've been on some previous trips to Kentucky to pick up some whiskey. I know this was Jake's first trip.

[00:01:10] And I think honestly, we started with one of the best two or three never had. And one of the most interesting tasting and selection experiences. Jake, would you like to elaborate a little bit?

[00:01:19] Jake: Yeah. I mean, it was an awesome experience just being there on the property was amazing. Honestly, it was absolutely beautiful.
[00:01:27] It was a little out of the way, but, that kind of makes it more unique in itself.

[00:01:31] David: I would say totally worth the drive for that history. I mean, the grounds that they are on, I mean, it just doesn't get any better than that. I mean, that is like, when you think of Kentucky and you think of whiskey and bourbon-making, I mean, you are in the woods, you're down some like narrow roads.

[00:01:47] I don't ride there. All, I went to drill down. Yeah, totally. It was like, oh, are we going in the right direction here? But...

[00:01:55] Brian: We had to take a very slow Ramos, but beautiful drive, you know, it was a little [00:02:00] rainy, a little cool, but the grounds were beautiful. Had a great time at makers.

[00:02:05] David: Treated us to a nice lunch. And then we went into the tour and then the barrel selection process.

[00:02:09] And I think, you know, you come back from makers with more appreciation from what their hand. Definitely like hand cut their labels. Hand-in-hand dip. I mean, when they say it's handmade, I mean like physical hands are helping to make that bottle of whiskey, which I think is super cool. I mean, I don't know if you know, a lot of places still hold onto that kind of tradition.

[00:02:32] Brian: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:02:33] Jake: Plus keeping it in small batches. I really liked that.

[00:02:38] David: Yeah. So what again did they do instead of, cause you know, they're growing, they're not creating bigger stills.

[00:02:45] Jake: They're getting more of them in the same, exact size, like replicas of the original.

[00:02:50] David: So they don't have to scale the recipe.

[00:02:51] It's like taking a batch of chocolate chip cookies and trying to double it. It may not turn out right. So they just replicate their stills across the, I think they have three [00:03:00] of them now, three identical, identical stills, almost look like a mirror when you were looking at it.

[00:03:05] Brian: And that's when he, he pointed out, he goes, don't be, don't be fooled there.

[00:03:08] It's not a mirror. It's just a second one. And then there was a third one there. Yeah, it was really nice. Yeah.

[00:03:15] David: And then, based on experience.. Awesome. I mean, super, super cool. Never done anything like that before.

[00:03:21] Brian: I think, I think this one was more, more unique just because we had somewhat of control of what the barrel would taste like. We select it.

[00:03:31] David: Yeah. It became a lot more personal when you got to select kind of like the whiskey that you were trying to almost make and blend yourself. You know, most of the time you just have a few options and you get to pick and there's. A little bit of variation and difference in age and you know, where it's been aged and that's going to kind of give you a different whiskey.

[00:03:48] But in this case we said, Hey, this is kind of our end goal. Let's get there.

[00:03:52] Brian: Yes, we did like five different picks, right? Or five different selections of different selections.

[00:03:58] David: I think we ended up doing [00:04:00] three. We did three. He gave us a sample of one that he had created, which was their candy apple, which they held it for their gift store.

[00:04:09] Brian: And that's that one sold out at the gift at the gift shop? Yeah.

[00:04:13] David: Yeah. So they, I mean, I think it's really cool to see that you can take these different staves.

[00:04:17] So the process that they use, you know, to personalize it as they take their cask strength, whiskey straight from the barrel and they leave it in that barrel, then they have five different stave options and you can put 10 staves in there can be any combination that you like, and then that's going to affect the flavor after the nine weeks of extra aging.

[00:04:35] Jake: Yeah, I think he was saying what there was like 1,001 different potential.

[00:04:39] David: I mean, you're never going to have the same one. I mean, pallets are different. It could be different day to day, but...

[00:04:45] Brian: Just change it all at one stage. Dry drill. Lastly, change the flavor profile.

[00:04:51] David: Yeah, I remember the first one we did and I was like, yo, I just there's this grassy, no one I'm not super into. And he was, oh, well that's just this state. Let's [00:05:00] just take that one out and swap it for a different one. And you're like, no way that's going to actually make.

[00:05:04] And it changed it, it changed the whiskey. Definitely. I mean, it was, it was awesome.

[00:05:08] Brian: Yeah. So I think that the whole process was more, hands-on more unique and we're excited to bring this barrel back to our stores in Wisconsin. Anything else you want to talk about?

[00:05:21] David: I think if you're curious at all about it, come on in, when we get it in, we'll have samples of it, give it a shot, try it out at least. I mean, I think it's one of the best whiskeys that we've selected.

[00:05:31] Brian: And for those who don't know what we took this trip, this is our fourth trip down to Kentucky. And what we do on these trips is we go down and pick barrels for our stores, in Hudson and then we, they shipped the barrels back to us and we were able to sample them off for you guys.

[00:05:48] So yeah, we hope that us going down there and doing the research and doing the tasting will definitely help you understand like the process. And that's what we're hearing. Just to talk about. So our [00:06:00] next barrel that we went to is Elijah Craig.

[00:06:03] Jake: Yeah. The Elijah Craig was super cool experience as well. Heaven hill is...

[00:06:08] David: It's massive.

[00:06:11] Jake: Yeah. And so it's interesting to see kind of the like maker's felt smaller, especially since they didn't have any of the brick houses right nearby. So it made it feel a little bit more quaint. But when you're rolling into heaven hill, it just is,

[00:06:23] David: oh, it's, it's a field with buildings. I mean, it's like, you've got your bottling line. You've got your tourists kind of like drop zone, which is their visitors center. You know, what their gift shop and their little walking tour that you can take, which I think if you had down there, I've heard that they haven't had a little tour experience.

[00:06:39] The bourbon experience is what they call it. I think you should definitely do that. You know, we sell a little bits and pieces at school to learn the history. I didn't know, before we went down there that heaven hill had a huge fire, not too long ago, which destroyed 96, but it destroyed they're still on site.

[00:06:55] So they actually purchased a still in downtown.

[00:06:59] Brian: But that's not, [00:07:00] that's not open to the public.

[00:07:01] No. So that one's

[00:07:02] David: closed. Cause I think it's made, it's pretty old and they said safety is always a concern with the general public, but then I thought it was interesting. I didn't know it, but they distill in downtown and then they put it into tankers and they drive it to the Ric houses.

[00:07:14] Jake: Yeah. There's a couple of those.

[00:07:16] David: Yeah. I mean it would have an Elijah Craig on the side and we're like, oh, maybe it's just advertisement. No, I mean, that's carrying whiskey to be put into barrels and then gauging the Rick house.

[00:07:26] Brian: Most of you may not know about illogic, right. Or even having heard this story is that they have a ton of brands.

[00:07:33] David: Yeah. Larceny, Elijah Craig, Evan Williams, fighting cock. What's the other, one's kind of forgot all of them, but there's more than just that.

[00:07:43] Brian: Yeah. And I think they do probably vodka and. Yeah, it's a huge facility. Another one, great drive to the gift shop. We were there on Thursday morning and they had this long line of customers waiting outside their door. Well, [00:08:00] on Thursdays they do their limited release. Yeah.

[00:08:04] David: Yeah. So there's a, there was definitely like all these people waiting for it. And then they told us when we got inside, which they give us the VIP. So we wouldn't run around. Nobody knows. She's always kind of like, oh, sorry, you have to wait outside now.

[00:08:16] But, yeah. You know, waiting for their allocations to be released for that day.

[00:08:20] Brian: Yes, absolutely. I do to think was unique about this tour was that they brought you to the Rick house. They had everything set up. We tried our four sample. Right. Fortunately samples, try them. You guys decide she kind of walked away, we chatted about it, came up with the Elijah Craig barrel proof. So.

[00:08:38] David: Yeah, this one being barrel proof. It's really good. It's got all the flavor that you want, you know, I guess maybe we should explain barrel proof as to non neuro proof. So barrel proof whiskey is straight from the barrel. They will bottle it at whatever comes out of the barrel.

[00:08:54] Bourbon is required to go into a barrel at a certain no higher than a certain proof. I believe [00:09:00] it's 125 and then what happens is, is that the sugars inside will actually cause more fermentation, which could raise the alcohol content. And that's why you can see stuff higher than what the entry proof of 120 or 125.

[00:09:15] Whereas sometimes, you know, like we've done pics where it's like, oh, we're getting the, you know, 1792 single barrel, which ended up being a hundred proof.

[00:09:23] Brian: And then they cut it down.

[00:09:24] David: With water. So they add water to bring it down to whatever desirable group.

[00:09:28] Brian: So it's not as hot on the palate.

[00:09:30] David: Yeah. Which. Try different stuff. Cause we have barrel proofs that aren't necessarily hot on the pallet because they're well-rounded whiskeys.

[00:09:38] Brian: Absolutely.

[00:09:39] Anything else on Elijah Craig?

[00:09:41] David: No, I mean, that was right along the lines of kind of what I expected when we're going into the Paralympics. You know, they have three. Five barrels picked out for you to try them, you know, you kind of discussed and then figure out which one you like.

[00:09:52] Brian: So the Elijah Craig barrel, won't probably hit our stores until late December ish. I'm going to estimate [00:10:00] just because they have to shut down the whole bottling line to bottle all the barrel picks.
[00:10:05] So after Elijah, we drove all the way up to Newport, Kentucky.

[00:10:11] David: Which is across the river from Cincinnati. We could see it.

[00:10:14] Brian: Yeah, a new ref was a newer facility. Client was pretty, fairly new.

[00:10:20] David: I think the distillery is built from the ground up. And then we ended up going down the street to one of their bottling line, Rick house and kind of office center, which was in.

[00:10:29] Jake: Yeah, it was in an old tram station that then was converted to a bus station.

[00:10:34] David: Oh. And then through the headquarters there.

[00:10:38] Brian: So really cool history there.

[00:10:40] Jake: Actually for a newer company that doesn't have that history built into it.

[00:10:45] David: Embrace the old tradition, you know, the whole bringing something new.

[00:10:50] Brian: And what I remember is the gal who did our barrel pick with us. She said like she wanted, they wanted to bring some history to.

[00:10:59] David: And I [00:11:00] think, you know, with whiskey and bourbon, a lot of people, they look at tradition, you know, a lot of things rely on tradition. You know, it's not, as soon as you're talking to whiskey people and they're like, ah, I don't know. It's, it's a newer one. Like, is it any good? I mean that, I really know what they're doing. I mean, makers has been around since like early 18 hundreds? I don't know...

[00:11:19] Brian: Early 19 hundreds.

[00:11:21] David: That family has been making whiskey.

[00:11:23] So you know, over a hundred years of whiskey making experience. And now you come in with new riff, who I think has been around for eight years, I think is what she said.

[00:11:30] Brian: 2014.

[00:11:31] David: Yeah. A lot of people look at that, like, ah, I don't know, do they really know what they're doing?
[00:11:35] Like, is this the old enough? And it's like, I think it kind of depends on one their mashville and their master distillers trying to do with it.

[00:11:41] Brian: Absolutely. This was a single barrel.

[00:11:43] David: Yes.

[00:11:44] Brian: I think this one, we had five samples. And we had a cheat sheet of flavor profiles of the five samples. For me, it was very hard to pick which flavor profile went to the barrel.

[00:11:58] Maybe you guys can talk more [00:12:00] about that.

[00:12:00] Jake: I also had a tough time with that, especially after doing the alleged Craig earlier in the day, my palate

[00:12:07] David: by the end.

[00:12:11] Jake: But yeah, either way it was, it was kind of difficult to do, but it was, I think, nice to have they had like their tasting panel. Pick out the notes in the different ones. And then you kind of do a blind tasting. So you don't know which is which, and it's kind of fun to look for the different notes in the whiskey and stuff like that.

[00:12:27] David: Yeah. I kind of go back and forth on whether or not I liked that because I think that whiskey should be experienced how you want to experience it. You know, you shouldn't be able to pick out whatever notes and you don't have to pick out any notes at all. I mean, it can just be like, I like this one more than the other ones. I just do.

[00:12:46] I mean, that's a simple answer. I think sometimes we rely too heavily on thinking that the tasting notes is what you need to be to enjoy whiskey and to pick it out.

[00:12:54] Brian: You don't need it. And everybody's taste profile is different. David, you were picking out notes that I [00:13:00] couldn't taste.

[00:13:01] David: Well, I think a lot of that comes from your experience drinking whiskey, and there's different levels that you send when you start to drink whiskey in any other spirit really.

[00:13:10] It all comes from recognition. The first kind of level is like, well, you know, this one feels hot on the power, so you're tasting the alcohol. Right. And then you gotta be able to kind of break that down and appreciate and be like, well, it kind of smells like grain and then it can go into even more specifics.

[00:13:25] Oh, it was that wheat field by my grandparents' house. You know, when I would go and visit them, and now you're getting weeds in there, you know? So it's like it's association, you're smelling it. You're associating with different smells. And sometimes you just, you can't.

[00:13:37] I mean, a lot of times, a lot of people can't find a note on a whiskey that everybody else can find that it's just you, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

[00:13:44] Of course, when you're starting out, I'm going to use this line from a whiskey channel that I like to watch on YouTube called whiskey tribe. They always say the best whiskey is the whiskey you like to drink the way you like to drink it. And I think that is a fantastic thing.

[00:13:57] It's just about enjoying the spirit.

[00:13:59] That is [00:14:00] whiskey. You don't have to be a pro. You don't have to show off if you like to drink it with an ice cube, drink it with an ice cube. No, one's going to judge you for it.

[00:14:07] Brian: Yeah. I think, I mean, for me when you're just try and whiskey straight up. The warm and then you add water to it, or a drop of water, or even an ice cube. There's so much change that happens. Whether it's the water or the cube, or even chilling it down a little bit for me, I like my stuff cold.

[00:14:28] David: Yeah, I am wire to it oil and water. Don't separate and there's lots of oil in whiskey, so it actually separates its oils. And it brings them to the top sometimes. And then you can actually smell the flavors because the oil is what's giving it that flavor from the wood, the oil from the whiskey, from the mash, all that that's, what's giving it, its flavor.

[00:14:45] You bring that to the top and some dishes smell that more and that's what water can do to it. So if you have a whiskey that you really like, maybe add a few drops of water, it doesn't take very much. Just to see if that kind of changes things for me. If you can pick up some you did before.

[00:14:57] Brian: Yeah. Sounds great. Well, let's take a [00:15:00] quick break and we we're right back.

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[00:15:27] Brian Moura: We're back. All right, let's talk about our favorite part of the trip. Let's go first, Jake.

[00:15:34] Jake: Yeah. I have a lot of fun in town, just outside of the actual selection.

[00:15:44] David: And definitely took full use of that.

[00:15:47] Jake: Yeah, there's a right downtown Louisville. There's a couple of really cool places in that area. So we got to go to a couple of really cool bars. There's one in particular. I like they call it the expo right down there in the main drag. [00:16:00]

[00:16:01] David: Never down that area. Check out expo. It's kind of a little hole in wall.

[00:16:04] Jake: Yeah, absolutely. But they have, what was it called? Oh, what'd they call it?

[00:16:08] David: Yeah, the cats? And

[00:16:09] Jake: It was like acid cat. Acid cat something, but they use little flowers called buzz buttons in there that make your mouth tingly. And they feel like radio static. Yeah. It completely changes the drink that they serve yet, but I've never had anything like that before. And there's a big fan of that.

[00:16:28] David: Yeah. I, Ooh. Ah, let's see. I just, in general, I really liked touring the different places, but I have to say my favorite part would be when we sat around for lunch, enjoying the view of maker's mark and each other's company. Brilliant. It doesn't get much better than in a place with people that you like enjoying the view and kind of your atmosphere in that moment.

[00:16:54] And then just kind of maker's mark in general was really gorgeous. I think that whole experience being the first one of the trip, [00:17:00] we were all excited to be down there. We get down there and we get to have such an amazing experience at makers. You got to see behind the scenes bottling line and you got to see what making labels and got to dip my own bottle. That actually was probably my favorite part. I was so giddy about that.

[00:17:16] He had mentioned it the whole time. Right. And we're like, he's like out in a boat and right ahead of us as the gift shop. And I was like, oh, I didn't get to dip my own bottles. And he's like, well, here you can buy your own bottle and dip it.

[00:17:26] And I was like, yeah, that was cool. Even if it's just for that, I mean, it's totally worth it.

[00:17:32] Brian: Yeah, I would agree. I think maker's mark. The whole experience was probably my favorite part. We're fortunate enough to be able to get down there and do these barrel picks. And I think just maker's mark, the granite was raining that day, but I think just the grounds walking around, learning the history of the whole experience from the time we got there to the time we left was incredible. It was very [00:18:00] hands-on, solite barrel selection. Food is great. The tour guide and barrel pick guy was awesome.

[00:18:08] David: He was super knowledgeable. He kind of guided us along in the selection process. Like, you know, what do you taste here? You know, are you getting this note? And it's like, oh, Yeah. That's what that is.

[00:18:19] Yeah. Cause a lot of times it's that it's like, what is that? It's kind of nutty, but you know, I can't really narrow it down. He was like, oh, is it all men? And you're like, yeah, that's it power of suggestion.

[00:18:27] A lot of times you could have said cashews.

[00:18:32] Cashews, you know, how did I miss that? You know, I think you did a really good job, kind of leading us as a team to where we needed, where we wanted to.

[00:18:42] Brian: For someone who's been on quite a few of barrel barrel selections, and then even just tours. A lot of great tours out there, but I think this one tops the cake for me. I mean, maybe there'll be a better one out there, but maker's mark for sure. Definitely. If you haven't been down there, you get a chance.

[00:18:59] Make the [00:19:00] hour drive from Louisville to makers well worth it. Yeah. So let's talk about our overall favorite barrel time. I know we've done a lot of barrel picks in my...

[00:19:11] David: Oooh! This is an interesting question.

[00:19:13] Brian: Yeah.

[00:19:13] David: Okay. Well, the one that jumps out right off the bat has gotta be our Stranahan's American single malt whiskey castrate the consistently 115. Oh, my goodness. I'm starting to dip my toes a little bit into the scotch world, which is a very intimidating world because of that smokey peatiness aspect. I mean, the first time I had a smoke scotch, it tasted like band-aids and I was like, this is not for me. So, you know, you get that iodine taste. It's what I'm talking about.

[00:19:40] When I say that I, and I bend it, like no one wants to drink a bandaid. Like it takes a little bit to kind of occur the palette to it. But this whiskey, I think is a great introduction into scotch because it is an American single malt. They are probably using what I would guess a source malt that doesn't necessarily have to be, but they're on a Denver, Colorado, and [00:20:00] we got to do a barrel pick with them.

[00:20:01] You know, they sent us samples.

[00:20:03] Brian: We did it that in store.

[00:20:04] David: In store and we sampled it and I remember liking it. But I don't remember liking it as much as I did when we opened the sample bottle. Yeah.

[00:20:13] Open that bottle. And I was like, this is one of my favorite whiskeys pine, because it's just a little bit different. You know, we have a lot of bourbon picks that we've done. And I think each one is great. Like the 1792 1 is a fantastic whiskey. It's so different. That it's just amazing. So I'm going to go straight. Which we have in store, both stores.

[00:20:30] Brian: Both Hudson locations.

[00:20:32] Jake: I would probably say that my favorite as far as what we have right now has to also be the Stranahans. I picked up my bottle just not too long ago, actually.

[00:20:42] And I cracked it open with a couple of friends who one of which is kind of a moderate whiskey drinker. And one of them really isn't a whiskey drinker at all. And I mean, all three of us kept coming back for more. It's nice when someone who doesn't even really drink whiskey to keep coming back to it. [00:21:00]

[00:21:00] David: And what's amazing, that's a cash drink whiskey, and you have a new person to whiskey going back for it, which means that that is a balanced whiskey.

[00:21:06] Brian: And I think it was 115 right up there.

[00:21:09] David: Which is, I mean, that's, we sample higher proof whiskeys. Yeah. But I mean, that's still up there. I mean, it's not, it's nothing to shake a stick at, for sure. So it's got such a good balance that chocolate honey on the end. Oh, it's just develops. As it sits there a little bit and opens up.

[00:21:26] I just think it's neat.

[00:21:28] Jake: It's fantastic. But I'll also say that I'm really excited to get my hands on the makers one. It was so good when we were facing it there and I'm really excited to get myself a bottle of it when that comes up.

[00:21:42] David: I don't know. Imagine for me, I kind of forgot about it because it went so fast. Was our Buffalo trace pick. I don't think you can go wrong with anything from Buffalo trace is still okay. I mean, I remember when we were doing that tasting, we had like, I think it was four and we all voted and we all ended up the majority was number one. And then we were split even for the last three.

[00:21:59] [00:22:00] What that tells me is that all of those whiskeys were good. It doesn't matter which one we picked. It was still going to be a great whiskey. And that one, I don't know if either of the stores still has any, I know I'm out at exit four

[00:22:13] Brian: Store one might be coming out a couple of bottles.

[00:22:20] It's out there. We release it every now and then just because we it's very sought after. I mean, if we were to put all, when we got, I think we've got 10 cases. If we were to put all 10 out at the same time, they would go.

[00:22:33] David: And we sold six cases in like six days. I mean, it was out there. I left for the weekend on Friday and came back and I was like Buffalo trace. And they were like, oh, we sold it all. And I'm like, there was a stack of it. Right.

[00:22:46] Brian: So we talked to a few cases. Just so we can put it out there every now and then.

[00:22:52] David: So if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of those definitely do so because it is fantastic.

[00:22:57] Brian: Hopefully we'll be able to get to do that again.

[00:22:59] David: Yeah. [00:23:00] We have a few more coming up for, hopefully.

[00:23:02] Brian: My favorite barrel picks, I would say the 1792 full-proof. Just cause I've had a lot of cherry flavor on there.

[00:23:11] David: The first one we did in person, and that was a really cool experience. That was 1982. I think they're closing out for tours, which is unfortunate, but I think there was some safety issues.

[00:23:20] Cause that's an old distillery as well, but that was a cool experience. You know, that we went to the Rick house, saw the plumb Bob, Bob, but that was a good whiskey.

[00:23:29] Brian: Yeah, 1792. Unfortunately we're also, we're working on getting another barrel for us, a great way to leave the people on, we're working on it, but yeah. I mean, it's, I recommend that since we don't have any full-proof I recommend that to customers coming in, they try it, they buy a bottle.

[00:23:48] David: Yeah. I mean, we've had some other really cool store picks in there as well. That's probably our next topic.

[00:23:53] Brian: Current in-store cervix. So David and I traveled to Baraboo, Wisconsin back when we [00:24:00] go February to Driftless.

[00:24:03] David: Yeah, local issues distillery to us here. I mean, it was only like two hours away from here and they have come a long way as a distillery. When I first sampled their product, it tasted kind of young. And when it's young, you know, you're going to get, they describe it as pointy, Sanford round.

[00:24:19] You know, it has a lot of those. Like, it has some sharp points when you can, when you drink it, it could be like a little spike of ethanol or it's like that flavors kind of out of nowhere, but we tried it again and honestly, I think they're onto something really good. And that's why we ended up doing our valproic.

[00:24:33] Part of the other reason is that it's also our Minnesota location. So our first pick to hit all three stores.

[00:24:39] Brian: Yes. Great. So old elk, wheated bourbon.

[00:24:43] David: Yep. Wheated bourbon out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Jake, anything you want to say about the old elk?

[00:24:48] Jake: Honestly, It's really good. I mean, wheated, bourbons are not super common in the market outside of like makers obviously is one of those.

[00:24:56] David: The most well-known one that you can't find anymore is [00:25:00] Weller.

[00:25:00] Jake: Yeah. It kind of brings a little extra, let's just sweetness to it. It's a little different. And honestly, I just love their bottle design with the, the antler cork stopper.

[00:25:10] Brian: Very cool bottle.

[00:25:11] Jake: Yeah. Very cool.

[00:25:13] David: We bought 1100 cast strength as well. I think it's a 112 proof. So, or is it, it might be castrated?

[00:25:20] Brian: I don't recall.

[00:25:22] David: Come on in, try it, try it.

[00:25:24] Jake: You'll know when we look at the bottle.

[00:25:27] Brian: That one's available at the two Hudson locations. So we have a little bit left of the 1792 single barrel. Very nice. Sounds lower proof.

[00:25:37] David: It's a good entry room. It's got a lot of plastic bourbon notes. Yeah. And this is our 2020 pick, right?

[00:25:44] Brian: Yeah. We did that in 2020. Bullets single barrel.

[00:25:47] David: That was another tour of the actual distillery they have been around for while, but they just created a new distillery, definitely worth checking out. I really liked the bullet. Starts over there. Yeah. Very [00:26:00] different than their normal stuff.

[00:26:01] Jake: True. True.

[00:26:02] David: Which that is because when you do the start pick, they have different yeast strains and also mash bills that you pick from. So that was kind of a little bit different than the rest of them there. You know, I think we had two yeast strains. And two mash bills and there was two each of them and you got to kind of pick those.

[00:26:20] It was a cool place. I mean, if you're ever in that area, definitely another one to go ahead and check out, bullet's a monster. There they are cranking out some whiskey right now.

[00:26:29] Brian: Yeah. And the last one was the stranahan, which we've all talked.

[00:26:33] David: Yep. Well, the Stranahan's Amani and give that one a sample. If you're gonna do it.

[00:26:37] Brian: All right. Coming soon barrel picks probably a week before we left, we went and picked a 45th.

[00:26:44] David: Yeah. That was actually my first time doing a barrel thick. So it was a good preparation.

[00:26:51] Jake: Yeah. Yeah. That one was super interesting because 45th parallel up in new, new Richmond, Wisconsin there has three different main

[00:27:00] types of whiskey that got a rhye, bourbon, and a wheat whiskey. And so when you're doing the.

[00:27:05] David: Form of people, what's the difference between a wheated bourbon and a wheat whiskey?

[00:27:08] Jake: Well, to be classified as bourbon, you have to have at least the 51% of corn, and mashville, whereas for a wheat whiskey, you don't have to have that. So wheated bourbon is going to have that extra corn in there, and then you can have the rest of it.

[00:27:22] The 49% tend to be whatever ratio you want. So that's going to be like a high Reiber event or high, sorry- wheat bourbon. Whereas a wheat whiskey is going to be mostly, I want to say there's this upwards near like 70%.

[00:27:37] David: Yeah, I think so. I think so. I mean, you see some wheat whiskeys will be a hundred percent wheat.

[00:27:42] It is common to see a hundred percent of something. You just have to add extra yeast to it. Whereas a lot of them will include multiple barley, which will kick off the fermentation process. Just kind of naturally they always add yeast strains into it to help it. But that multi barley is what kind of brings those [00:28:00] microorganisms to life to create what we know is whiskey because you have to have sugar and you gotta have fermentation. You gotta have all that sort of fun stuff in order to get the good goods and stuff at the end. So, okay.

[00:28:13] Brian: So 45th should be coming in the next few weeks.

[00:28:15] David: Well, we picked from there did a wheat

[00:28:17] Jake: whiskey cask strength whiskey

[00:28:20] David: from 45th.

[00:28:21] I love the wheat whiskey. I think it's super interesting. And to have it be.

[00:28:24] Brian: It's super cool. Yes. And this one will be available all three locations. So we talked about makers. That one will be coming probably in the next couple of months. Yeah. Cause they had to wait nine weeks. Elijah craig will be coming towards the end of the year.

[00:28:39] Now what's going to be the logic crate barrel proof. And then new ref, should we come in shortly? Don't have ETA, but I would assume in the next few months also.

[00:28:48] David: Yeah, they sent it down when I was going to be pretty quick. I was honestly expecting it in a couple of months after we were done there. But I also understand that they have a lot of other whiskey they're trying to bottle and you can't just put ours redheads.\

[00:28:59] Brian: [00:29:00] So, next thing on our list, what's in your glass?

[00:29:03] I'll start us off with what I've tried recently is the bullet old-fashioned. Ready to consume.

[00:29:11] David: They are ready to consume? Ah!

[00:29:14] Jake: Ready to serve I believe is what they fall under.

[00:29:22] David: They change it every week. Those are fantastic though. Great packaging, 750 milliliter bottles.

[00:29:29] Brian: And they come in at 375, which I don't know if we carry those, but yeah.

[00:29:33] David: We just ended up doing the 750s cause I liked it there. The rest of the bullet except 50 lineup. So you really like an old fashioned or they have a ride based Manhattan, which I know Jake likes highly that one.

[00:29:46] Yeah, this is fantastic because it's the same amount. You just pour it into a glass with some ice, maybe add a cherry, whatever you want to do. Boom.

[00:29:54] Jake: You're ready to consume.

[00:29:55] David: Ready to consume.

[00:29:58] Jake: Yeah, for me, I'm actually [00:30:00] drinking one right now. I'm drinking the Arnold Palmer spiked and just came out with a half and half light version, which is honestly very Arnold. It reminds me of just the regular arnold Palmers, you know, that you'd get from Arizona.

[00:30:14] David: Well, arizona. Drinks. Abviously.

[00:30:18] Jake: A little less sweet than some of the other ones out there. And I really liked it. Okay, perfect. For summer refreshing you get the ice tea lemonade. It's hard to go wrong. Yeah. Could definitely have this on a golf course.

[00:30:31] David: Yeah. More to help them too. Yeah.

[00:30:35] Ooh. What have I been digging into recently? Kind of along the same lines. It seems to be a trend. I think we talked a little bit about it in our last podcast. The light version of things is kind of becoming the big hitter, but I really, I just tried the twisted tea light. Which is not the half and half, so it's not, you know, an arnel Palmer type situation.

[00:30:53] This is just like malt based, tea, beverage, blood sugar, lower sugar, lower alcohol, a little bit lower [00:31:00] calorie, super refreshing though. Like Jake mentioned with these light versions of things, you know, it's not, I think that was always the biggest thing with like a twisted tea and our own Palmer. It's just that sweet. It's just so sweet. You know, you can only have about one or two of them for like, I have to step away from that, but these are fantastic. The light versions are they sessionable, I've never sure about which.

[00:31:26] You can find any of these products. I believe all three of our locations. So stop on it. And if you've got any questions about them, you know, ask the staff. We get lucky enough to sample this stuff. So we're pretty knowledgeable on all of that, but yeah, you know, we're running some really killer yields right now on all that stuff.

[00:31:41] Check out our Memorial day ad, which started today and find the twisted tea and the arnold palmers are also on coupon right now. So stop on in, check those out. You know, there'll be some really good sales going through the summer with these really nice summer drinks. You know, yourself heavy upon our drinks, patio powder drinks, your [00:32:00] sessionable drinks, your crushable drinks, wherever you want to call them.

[00:32:02] You're ready to consumes. We have it all. It looks one more.

[00:32:06] Brian: All right, well, thanks guys. And thanks for listening to this week's episode of boozy banter with Lucky's Wine and More. We hope you enjoy it. Please be sure to subscribe so we can join you again. And if you appreciate the show, jump over to Spotify and give us a rating for more info and notes from this week's show, check us out at Thanks for listening. Cheers.

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